Them Productions = Dem Ductions

With an ever-growing media market, Dem Ductions was created for the simple purpose of assisting you in learning how to listen with your eyes and see with your ears. We give you a different view of music from the studio to the stage.

But, how?

As information becomes more readily available from the touch of our finger tips to the blink of our eyes(if you wear Google glasses) we are redefining the definition of consistently asking for more! Whether if it is  more information on reviews; were to go;  what to do; whats in style; best ways to run a mile; how to block a profile; we strive for information to improve our lives for the better.

 I began to think, where can i find out what did  Kanye West, Mark Ronson, and the Bettles use to produce their music? Or what frequencies are most 808's equalized to give there distinctive sound? If you are in love with productions and want to know how the professional make there sound is why we were born.

As a radio programmer, station manager and music major in college i ponder these question only to never find these answers from a single source. Searches would consistently be inconsistent at giving me the answers that I search for. Thus, the reason i created Dem Ductions. If it reads funny to you, think of slang where:

  • Dem = Them

  • Cut the "pro" off of Productions and now you have Dem Ductions. Every time a song catches my ear like a fish on a hook i have always asked; who did "Them Production"

So it is today with great pride that an online resource is to aid in wondering about the who, what and how  that goes into the creation